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“Enriching Lives by Transforming Someday Dreams into Everyday Realities”


Welcome to our site! We are excited to bring informative, compelling and thought-provoking content to you and our TAP-IN and WISE UP Community of Women.

  • EXPLORE: Identifying your current gifts, strengths, opportunities and challenges to provide a pathway for your journey toward growth and personal empowerment.
  • ENVISION: What you envision, you can achieve. When you see it, you can believe it, and when you believe it….you can Envision it and See it!
  • EXECUTE: Taking specific, guided actions to create forward movement toward your empowerment goals and objectives.
  • EVALUATE: Assessing the results of your actions and behaviors taken to reach your goals.
  • EVOLVE: Transforming your actions to operate at  a higher level of  purpose and excellence.
  • ENJOY & CELEBRATE: Enjoy and celebrate the progress you are making along the way to accomplishing your goals.

The mission of the Hubbard TAP-IN Women’s Self-Empowerment and Fulfillment Institute is “To enable individuals to Tap In to internal and external resources to fulfill their personal and professional goals, dreams and ambitions through the provision of a full range of high-value training, products and services”.

Stay Tapped In…..

Dr. Myra