Our Vision

“Enriching Lives by Transforming Someday Dreams into Everyday Realities”

Our Mission

“To enable individuals to Tap In to internal and external resources to fulfill their personal and professional goals, dreams and ambitions through the provision of a full range of high-value training, products and services”.

About The Institute

The Hubbard Women’s Professional Success & Empowerment (PSE) Institute is an Institute established by Dr. Myra K. Hubbard, a professional success and empowerment strategist, to provide the tools and resources necessary for achieving personal and career ambitions.  It is created to mobilize and inspire individuals to TAP IN to their passion and stay “TAPPED IN”, in a way that results in you reaching your full potential.

We invite you to join our TAP IN Community.  TAP IN is a philosophy, a frame of mind, and the application of a set of supporting skills, and guiding principles to mobilize and empower you in concrete ways.

To support the TAP IN Community, the PSE Institute offers:

  • Conferences & Events
  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Support Tools and Resources
  • And More……

FEAR is False Evidence that Appears Real.  We believe you can build muscle and TAP IN to your inner strength and inner risk taker to rid yourself of the fear or at the very least have your butterflies flying in formation.

The Hubbard Women’s Professional Success & Empowerment (PSE) Institute is here to help you “Stay Tapped In to the wonderful things life has to offer.”