Celebrating Women: International Women’s Day


Women's Day

Did you know we have an International Women’s Day?  Are you curious how long it has been in existence and what does it all mean to us?  While it’s an internationally recognized celebration, you still may have some questions about what it means and why we celebrate.  You are not alone if this is the case.

International Women’s Day was founded more than one hundred years ago!  Yes, since the early 1900’s after thousands of women marched in New York to demand better working conditions and for the right to vote.  There were over 15,000 women participating in this march.  International Women’s Day was officially adopted by the United Nations in 1975. Fast forward to today and March 8 is the global celebration of women’s social, economic, and political achievements and to advocate for gender equality. International Women’s Day is all about Unity, Celebration, Reflection, Advocacy and Empowerment.

Why Purple?

Different holidays, events, organizations, and celebrations use color to highlight and bring attention to their existence and significance. Purple is the official color used to symbolize International Women’s Day.    In recent years, women have relied on clothing color as a symbol of celebrating the empowerment of women.  Historically, purple signifies justice and dignity. Internationally, it has become a color symbolizing the celebration of International Women’s Day.

The use of color can be what is called an Anchor.  Anchoring is an empowerment technique that uses a stimulus; it may be a color, a sound, an image, a touch, smell or a taste to trigger a consistent response in you. We will discuss Anchors in more detail in another blog because they can be a very powerful self-empowerment tool you can use strategically.

We don’t have to wait to celebrate ourselves one day a year, celebrate yourself every day, and continue to elevate yourself as you practice skills of self-empowerment.

Navigating the Mall

Personal Success Image 53
You Are Here! You can go in different directions, but, which one should you take?

It’s mid-January and no doubt you have received many messages about setting goals, getting focused, pursuing your dreams, visioning, and achieving personal and financial success.  Personally, I’m excited about the support systems we all have available to us and the possibilities we have moving forward in 2018.  It can be overwhelming because you want to do “it” all. Everyone has something to offer, yet you need a clear practical path to make an effective empowering decision.

It is like the map in the mall that has a red dot indicating, YOU ARE HERE.  You can go in many directions and each might lead to shopping bags full of bargains and attractive stuff, but, did you get what you want? Did you make a list before you entered the mall?  Have you been there and done that?

I am excited to have you a part of our TAP IN community. I want to be a part of your support network in 2018, helping you to navigate the map in the mall, chunking down the “I want it all” into manageable pieces.

Starting with a VISION, here are eight (8) critical actions you can take to help your decision making:

Step 1:  Clearly articulate what you want.

Step 2: Identify how you will know that you have “it”.

Step 3: Determine where, when, and whom you want “it”.

Step 4:  What will happen when you get “it”?

Step 5:  What resources do you currently have and need to get what you want? Such as identifying People, Organizations, Associations and Processes that resonate with you, your Values, Beliefs, and Goals.

Step 6: What stops you from having “it” now?

Step 7: What will having “it” do for you?

Step 8:  What will be your first significant empowering action step to keep you on track in 2018?

Like others, we also have resources to add to your Empowerment and Personal Success toolbox to enhance your ability to create skill-building choices.

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Let me hear from you, I am always interested in your thoughts.

“Stay Tapped In to the wonderful things life has to offer.”

Dr. Myra